Muslimlife – matchmaking for muslim singles leaves Beta-Phase

Wednesday, 21. May 2008


Dortmund, 21 May 2008. Online partner search for Muslims in Europe! This gap in the market responded three academics with an immigrant background promptly with an innovative and highly portal partner search for Muslims - Muslim Life ( The aim is to search for a spouse to the needs of Muslims living in Europe and to adapt. In contrast to comparable brokerage, sets Muslim Life highest value on reliability and stings with values and principles concerning service quality.

"The Muslims have a much greater affinity and desire for a marriage as non-Muslims. For Muslims, it is natural and easy to marry. Therefore, our service is great acceptance ", the project managers Mr Yücel. "For this, it is all the more important that Islamic practices, values and principles are respected, not interested because the flirtations or friendship in the broadest sense looking for, but a partner to start a family. And because we are different to normal brokerage.

And the concept works. The positive response and early onset of mediation successes motivated the young team continue. The managing director Mr Tirgil notes: "We are very pleased that so much popular Muslim Life in the Muslim world has found single. Shortly after the start of the trial, we received written Thanks to us on conciliation successes informed. These include recently received a wedding invitation to the management. "

After the recent improvements Muslim Life now leaves the test phase and offers the full extent their services. Messages, chat, greetings as "SALAM" send, create profiles, photos, adjust, advanced search, report violations and many other features allow for a pleasant partner searching. With the help of Web 2.0 technology and the messaging Jabber protocol is a highly pleasant and timely communication. The user-friendliness, compared to the beta version significantly improved so that intuitive operation is possible.

The high degree of specialization of Muslim Life on Muslims is reflected in the functionality. Thus in the profiles detailed information on religious practice and personal relationship to religion queried. It is only communication between the sexes admitted heterogeneous, as it is not Social Network, where a relationship network is set up.

The implementation of other languages to facilitate the search and international partners is also a sign of welcoming diversity. Life stormed a Muslim unergründetes terrain with great potential and looks with great confidence in the future.


Muslim Life in the German-speaking world's leading brokerage for demanding Muslim singles, according to Islamic principles marry. Life members are Muslim women and Muslim men who are in search of a spouse or a spouse. Muslim Life is the fastest growing Muslim community search for partners in Germany. Muslim Life is a project of eMercator Net GmbH, based in Dortmund.

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