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General Terms & Conditions

Section 1 General

(1) Muslimlife is a registered trademark of Clicktrend Media GmbH, Hohe Str. 49, 59065 Hamm (hereinafter referred to as "operators").

(2) By registering with a,, - hereinafter referred to Muslim life - explain yourself with the Conditions listed here agree. If you are familiar with the terms and conditions are not satisfied, can not be a registration. Persons under 18 Age have not completed, may not use this service.

(3) The GTC will again be in written form by e-mail.
Section 2 validity

(1) The company Clicktrend Media GmbH operates various tele-services and media services, eg,,,,

(2) The following terms and conditions govern the conditions under which the use of Muslim life is done. The user also subject to the terms and conditions even if those services outside the Federal Republic of Germany used.

(3) By logging in Muslim Life recognizes the user to the terms and conditions read and understood to have accepted this. Differing conditions of the user, with these Terms and Conditions at odds, are not taken into consideration.
Section 3 description of the services and performance

(1) The operator operates a contact portal on the Internet and provides users access to its database on the user the opportunity to initiate a marriage should be able to. The operator commits itself to services provided by users without regard to the success will be rewarded (Eheanbahnungsdienstvertrag). This database contains profiles and information about other registered users. Users can subscribe to the database to see profiles of other users and of those contacted, as well as its own profile, including business card with a photo and create the database set.

(2) The users also have the opportunity to register as a paid member, or their existing free membership to a fee-paying "premium membership" (hereinafter referred to as "membership fee") to upgrade. A paying member advanced search features are also available, it has full access to the contact database, including from other users recruited private photos and other users can send e-mails and so-called "Salam" in touch.

(3) The users are accessing areas pay duty on the cost, the scope of services and payment arrangements can be noted and after payment to access these areas. A listing of prices is also under Section 6 of this GTC.

(4) The operator offers its services exclusively for private purposes. A commercial use is thus excluded. By registering, each user, the services offered only for private purposes. This applies equally for free (Section 3, paragraph 1 of this GC) and pay (Section 3, Paragraph 2 of this GC) membership.

(5) The operator is entitled, third, service providers and agents with the provision of parts or the whole range of services to prepare it for users it does not disadvantage.

(6) The operator does not guarantee that within the specified contract period contact a successful mediation takes place. He is not liable if specified in the contract period no contact comes.
Section 4 of contracts and contract start

(1) The user receives after registering a communication via e-mail, the receipt of his data and announced that the contract is confirmed, with the GTC again in text form mitgeschickt be.

(2) The term of membership fee begins with the activation by the operator.

(3) A contract under paragraph 1 and 2 will only be when the user at least the 18th Years of age. The user is assured to the operator that 18th Age to have.

(4) The operator is entitled to the identity of the user for official documents to verify the user and where appropriate to delete. The user therefore assures the operator to this on request copies of official documents and in particular of the identity card on the market.
Section 5 revocation, withdrawal effects and special instructions

(1) You can cancel your contract declaration within two weeks without giving reasons in written form (eg letter, fax, e-mail) revoked. The period begins upon receipt of this instruction in text form. To safeguard the withdrawal period is sufficient to send the withdrawal. The revocation must be sent to:

Clicktrend Media GmbH
Hohe Str. 49
D-59065 Hamm
Fax: +49-2381-4266446
E-mail: support [at]

(2) In case of an effective withdrawal the benefits received by each party returned and, where appropriate, drawn uses (eg interest) surrendered. Can you give us the performance received wholly or partly or only in deteriorated condition, you will be obliged, where appropriate value. Obligations to refund payments should be made within 30 days met. The deadline for you begins with your sending revocation statement for us with their reception.

(3) The right expires prematurely if the operator with the execution of the service with the express consent of the user before the end of the revocation period has begun or the user themselves has led.

(4) The cancellation, we shall send you by e-mail again separately in text form.
Section 6 prices

(1) The use of the service under Article 3, Paragraph 1 of this GTC is free.

(2) A full use of the service is through the conclusion of a possible membership fee. For the membership fee, the current prices which the user before the conclusion of the contract still under a separate user information is noted:

(3) All the above prices are final and therefore already include VAT. An increase in VAT reserves the operators that price adjustments made in a corresponding amount.

(4) The operator reserves the right, for different user groups different pricing models to use.

(5) credits from reward services that are not perceived, may not apply to the following month transferred. Balances can only Muslim Life Services will be redeemed.
Section 7 Payment Terms

(1) The payment of remuneration is for the selected period in advance (Article 6 para 2 of these Terms) without any deductions to the operator to afford. Section 366 para 1 BGB is excluded.

(2) By purchasing a membership fee is free membership in a paid membership converted. Is there a membership fee, then extended the maturity to the purchased period. The duration of the newly acquired membership fee starts immediately after the secure payment received by the operator.

(3) The user payment options are available as the automatic debit from your account through a debit procedure, payment by credit card or transfer.

(4) With an application and the disclosure of the relevant bank or credit card data gives the user the Operator for a direct debit debits / credit card debit.
Paragraph 8 of privacy and data usage

(1) The user is explained by the application with the following rules for use of their personal information by the operators agree.

(2) The owner collects stores, processes and uses under the contractual provision for personal data of users. These data are supported by data from the user to different places under Section 1, paragraph 1 of this Terms called web pages. The user agrees to that his personal data by the operator for the purposes of performance in electronic form collected, stored, processed and used.

(3) The operator collects, analyzes and uses information to ensure that they operate the platform and to provide users with a better service to be able to offer. In particular, the operators have pseudonyms of users with their agreement to distribute to other users, resulting in a personal exchange of messages between users. The pseudonyms does not reveal the identity (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) of an individual user.

The operator is also entitled to the collected data to pass on the house, where, for example, charge for settlement services is required.

If a user on a partner site (affiliate) on the services of Muslim Life accesses, the anonymous user data using a cookie. These cookies do not contain personal data of the user, they serve only to the maintenance of the partner. These cookies are automatically deleted when the user as a member of Muslim Life logs. If an application, made a deletion of cookies automatically after 30 days.
The user can at any time after online registration at his log, on his personal data, its data or delete or modify their consent to the storage, use and processing with effect for the future. Alternatively, this is also, by written message to the operators of Section 5 paragraph 1 of this Terms above address possible.
Section 9 contract, the termination of the membership fee

(1) The membership fee (Section 3, Paragraph 2 of these Terms) may initially for one month, three months, six months or twelve months. After expiration of this initial run extended the duration of their membership by one month to pay the membership contract is terminated. The prices are incurred in accordance with the applicable until then selected by the user monthly charges. An extension does not take place unless the user-time contract (paragraph 2) will be canceled.

(2) The denunciation under paragraph 1 may take place anytime. The membership ends with the end of the month for which compensation was paid.

(3) The termination in accordance with paragraph 2 must be at least seven days before the end of the month, to whose end the paid membership will be terminated should be pronounced. To preserve the period is sufficient for the timely dispatch of the cancellation. The termination can be made in writing or by the fact that the menu item "Account" button "Unsubscribe" button is released.

(4) For the calculation of the contract period shall be construed as monthly calendar months and not the period of one calendar day a month until the same day of the following month.

(5) The contract is the operator safeguarding without notice extraordinarily terminated when the user upon registration and / or a late change to its data intentionally or makes false claims against violates these Terms. A refund amounts already paid in this case.

(6) After the expiry of the membership fee is changing the status of the user is automatically returned to a free membership and the associated restrictions.
Section 10 Termination of free membership

(1) The free membership under Section 3, paragraph 1 of this Terms and Conditions at any time in text form notice. The termination can be made in writing or by the fact that the menu item "Account" button of "unsubscribe" button is released.

(2) The contract in terms of free membership is by respecting the operator without notice extraordinarily terminated when the user upon registration and / or a late change to its data intentionally or makes false claims against violates these Terms.

(3) Upon completion of the contract, all of the user data deleted by the operator, where such data is not proof purposes related to an unlawful act of the user on the date of termination of the contract also required.
Section 11 liability of the operator

(1) The operator is liable under the contract only after the fact for damage to the user,
a) the operator or his legal representatives or agents intentionally or through gross negligence have caused,
b) the loss of life, body or health, based on a breach of duty of the owner or his legal representative or vicarious agents and
c) caused by the breach of an obligation by the operator responsible for the achievement of the purpose is of crucial importance (cardinal obligation), emerged. The notion of either cardinal duty is to identify a specifically described, the achievement of the purpose threatening, breach of duty essentially used or abstract explained as a duty whose fulfillment of the proper implementation of the treaty at all possible and on their compliance with the contractor regularly may rely.

(2) The operator liable in cases of Section 11 (1) a. and b. the amount of unlimited. In addition, the claim to the predictable, contract damages.

(3) In other than those specified in Section 11 (1) (a) and (b) cases, the liability of the operator - regardless of legal grounds completely excluded.

(4) The operator can not be used for incorrect information in the applications the user be held responsible, since the users provided information given their size, not always to be examined. He assumes no liability for the eventual misuse of information by other users or third parties, especially if the information the user has made himself accessible. Furthermore, the operator is not liable for any unauthorized third parties from obtaining knowledge of personal data of users (eg by an unauthorized access by "hackers" to the database), where the operator taking into account the limitation of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this section is not his own fault, or Fault of his legal representatives or agents shall take. The operator has so far authorized, but not the obligation, the content of any text and graphics submitted photos or files to these Terms underlying guidelines to review and, if necessary, modify or delete them.

(5) Furthermore, the operator is not liable for this not to be responsible for the failures of the service, for example due to force majeure or technical malfunctions of the Internet.

(6) In case of a liability paying members receive a free extension of the contract for the period for which the respective authorized user interference has claimed.
Section 12 obligations and responsibilities of the user

(1) The user is responsible for the content of his declaration, and thus for the information he provides about himself, solely responsible.

(2) The user is assured that the data indicated the truth and describe him personally. The Parties agree that it is legitimate interests of the operator is to be the accuracy of the data as appropriate to check.

(3) The user agrees to indemnify the operator of any kind of injunctions, damages, losses or claims to hold, by his declarations and / or participate in this service might arise if these damages are not due to intent or negligence of the operator; or his legal representative or vicarious agents. In particular, the user, the operator of any liability and all obligations, expenses and claims which result from damage due to libel, slander and violation of personal rights, because of the unavailability of services for users, infringement of intellectual property or other rights showed lawsuits.

(4) The user agrees to not intentionally third party data (including e-mail address) as its own output. In particular he is not fraudulent bank or credit card information of third parties indicated.

(5) The user undertakes, for application and use of the portal contact the relevant applicable laws.

(6) The user agrees to e-mails and other messages will be kept confidential and not without the consent of its author, made available to third parties. The same is true for names, phone and fax numbers, residential, e-mail addresses and / or URLs.

(7) also undertakes to each user, the service is not misused to exploit, in particular:
a) he is not defamatory, offensive or otherwise unlawful material or information;
b) not to use it for other people to threaten, harass or rights (including privacy rights) to infringe third party;
c) no data to upload a virus containing the (infected software). No software or other material to upload the copyrighted, unless the user has the rights thereto or the necessary consents;
d) not in a way to use the availability of offers for other users adversely affected;
e) no e-mails detect and also not to try to detect;
f) no advertising for other, non-commercial contact portals to operate. Advertising for other commercial portals unterfällt contact the ban according to Section 13 of these Terms and Conditions.
g) not to send chain letters;
h) in the physical description (Profile) no names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, e-mail addresses, user names or other contact information from messenger services or other Internet services to call;
i) personal logins and passwords, not to third parties or with third parties to share.

(8) Failure to comply with any of the above commitments behavior can be used both to an immediate termination of membership, both civil and criminal consequences for the users themselves. In particular, it can apply for damages under section 13 paragraph 2 of this Terms incurred. The operator reserves the right in particular, the users of its service to exclude, if during the registration or use of the service, according to the operator's immoral, obscene or politically radical content or photographs should be disseminated.
Section 13 prohibiting commercial or business use, prohibition of spamming

(1) The user is assured that he related to his membership of no commercial and / or business intentions prosecuted. He is committed to the Contact Portal non-commercial or business use.

(2) Commercial or business use, whose omission in the context of this portal, contact the user commits, shall include:
a) the reward offer of goods or services of any kind, called a bid or the reference to an achievable elsewhere offer (for example by reference to specific Internet auctions).
b) the application of commercial Internet sites, ie particularly those pages,
c) the goods or services offered are paid,
d) the presentation or the application of business or serve
e) other commercial Internet sites advertise.

(3) This is particularly true for advertising in the form of pop-ups, banner advertisements or by striking or particularly highlighted links. An Internet site is especially true even as commercial within the meaning of this scheme, if it has, directly or indirectly to the commercial contact another portal operator will be linked.
a) the naming of value-added service numbers (especially his 0900 numbers) or value-added SMS numbers (SMS) in the context of this contact portal.
b) For the purposes of the subsequent profits, especially by subsequent reference to value-added SMS 0900, he or numbers.
c) the search for employees, agents or models for service providers pecuniary
d) the collection in the context of the Contact portal accessible Gather profile data or data (eg Telefon-/Handynummer) of individual users with the intention of commercial use, advertising or selling Next

(4) The user agrees to leave it to other users of the service users or other advertising in any form for commercial deals to be broad and no messages to send to a commercial purpose. This refers in particular to the setting or Mention of links to other users or other users of the service accessible data profiles or the sending of messages with the internal messaging systems (such as instant messaging, news postage, forums and data profiles) .
Paragraph 14 of liquidated damages

(1) A user, with its membership of the commercial or business purposes within the meaning of Section 13 of these Terms prosecuted or contact the portal for commercial or business within the meaning of Section 13 of these Terms exploits, commits itself to the operator liquidated damages in the amount of 2,000 € to pay. The user is in this case allowed the evidence, that an injury is not created or significantly lower than the flat rate. The operator reserves the right to demonstrate that a higher damage.

(2) In the case of intentional or grossly fährlässigen in violation of Section 12, paragraphs 4, 5 and 7 of these Terms duties, is committed to the user, unless the infringement is not already liquidated damages under paragraph 1 of this section justifies a liquidated damages in the amount of € 250 to the operator to pay. The user is in this case allowed the evidence, that an injury is not created or significantly lower than the flat rate. The operator reserves the right to demonstrate that a higher damage.
Section 15 of copyrights, use of the media

(1) The user is assured that he is under this contact portal no photographs or other works undertaken without following the relevant copyright rules to be so entitled.

(2) A claim by a user on publication of the profiles mentioned in the media does not exist.
Section 16 amendments to the Terms and Conditions

(1) The operator reserves the right to change these terms at any time to change. The user will be informed of the changes on the website of the operator informed. The amendments come one month after she posted on the website have been in force. To users who are after the publication of the modified Terms and to register, only the changed conditions.

(2) If the user at the time of publication of the modified Terms already registered member, holds:
a) Is the original passport of the user has not yet expired, he may change the scope of the Terms contradict, in this case until the end of the maturity of the passport application on those conditions at the time of the acquisition of the passports were in force.
b) If the original membership of the user expired, he may be a member within a period of four months since the entry into force notice. After this period of four months, the new general business conditions than accepted.

(3) All members are asked about the current version of the Terms of information.
Section 17 of jurisdiction and applicable law

(1) the extent permitted by law, the jurisdiction of the respective headquarters of the operator. It is solely the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the CISG (CISG) and conflict of laws.
Section 18 Final Provisions

(1) contract amendments, additions and ancillary need, provided in these terms and conditions dictate otherwise, for their effectiveness in writing. The writing requirement also applies for the waiver of this procedural requirement.

(2) In the event of invalidity or partial invalidity of one of the provisions of these Terms, the validity of the remaining provisions. An ineffective or teilunwirksame provision will be replaced by that provision, which under the original substance comes closest.

(3) Different Conditions of the user / member will not be accepted.

Status: October 2008

MUSLIMS LIFE is a product of Clicktrend Media GmbH , Hohe Str. 49, D-59065 Hamm, Tel: +49-2381-4266841, fax: +49-2381-4266446, e-mail: support [at], Register: Amtsgericht Hamm, register number: HRB 6553, tax identification number: 322/5709 / 1123, sales tax identification number in accordance with Section 27 of the VAT Act: DE 814515788, managing director: Dipl.-BW (FH) Güven Tükenmez, Graduate Wirt.-Inf. Cüneyt Tirgil, graduate Wirt.-Inf. Kadir Yücel