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We are determined for each other

Thursday, 28. January 2010

Salamualeikum dear Muslimlife-Team,

thank you very much and Baraka-Allahu-fikum for your site.My wife and myself has met each other here last year October. After the second meeting we knew that we are determined for each other.Have we engaged in December and are now married alhamdulillah.

Because of difficulties for Muslims to find suitable partners here, we are both very glad that we have found your page. Inshaallah just people with good intentions answer and find others. It was very nice and helpfull, that we no longer have to talk about "Shall we" but about "how we" marry.

Thanks to you and thanks to Allah!

Many greetings, wa Salamualeikum,

PS: Oh yes, we are apparently one of the first, you have successfully introduced :-)

Salma und Mustafa

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