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Wer bin ich: I am a serious, kind-hearted and open-minded person looking for a wise and -if possible- pretty woman to establish our unique nest. I'm intellectual, so I think and I hope to be right for my first hobby is reading. I like people who stimulate me intellectually, who move my soul, and who respect me for my thought and character. Besides, l respect all peoples and love to hear and tell jokes and live the real fascinating moments of the life. I speak, read and write in Arabic, English and German.
Was suche ich: I'm looking for a Muslim lady who is ready to go ahead with me under the shelter of love and understanding but without children. We are going to lead our life under the umbrella of shura (democracy) in everything belongs to us. She should be kind-hearted and open-minded and -if possible- follow the guidelines of the Islam, just like me or better if also possible. I am a real modern Muslim and not a traditional one. Besides, I have my own interpretation to the Great Book of the World, the Quran. The Din is ONE but there were NUMEROUS messages. Therefore, I find that all the messages of all prophets from Noah to Muhammad are the gradual realizations in time and place of that one DIN from Allah. I have found also in the Quran (and in the Bible)that the VALUES; whether religious, human or social; are the pillars of the community and society to build and construct itself and its individuals. Following this global view to the world (In German:Weltanschauung) I have decided to marry a woman who is faithful and follows the values in her life. It is better if this woman is a Muslim but is not necessary because she is already faithful and follows the values which are similar in Christianity and Islam. I want to lead my own (new) experience with a woman (my to-be wife) who is unique and wonderful. According to that I seek a wife who is very free to think creatively about all issues of our life. A wife who is not captivated by the "monkeys of fashion" in Paris to make her almost always naked. A wife who cares about the humans and humanity and beleives in the equality between all races of the human kind. A wife with whom I can negotiate, agree and disagree. A wife with whom I can discuss the great global ideas and the tiny local issues. A wife who is optimistic and enjoys the life. A wife whom I spontanously love (she lives in my heart and brain). A wife who also loves me and lives with me under all circumstances and consequences.


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Meine Größe: Bitte auswählen
Meine Augenfarbe: Braun
Meine Haarfarbe: Ein wenig grau
Meine Figur: Durchschnittlich


Mein Familienstand: Geschieden
Meine Ernährung: Ernähre mich gesund
Mein Rauchstatus: Nein, noch nie
Trinkst Du Alkohol ?: Bitte auswählen
Meine Muttersprache: Arabisch, Deutsch , Englisch
Mein Fitnesslevel: Bitte auswählen
Eigener Haushalt: Lebe allein
Meine Kinder: Ich habe keine Kinder
Mein Kinderwunsch: Vielleicht, wenn Gott will
Mein Bildungsniveau: Universität
Mein Berufsstand: Bitte auswählen


Meine Praxis: Praktizierend
Trägst Du ein Kopftuch bzw. suchst Du eine Kopftuchträgerin?: Nein
Trägst Du einen Bart bzw. suchst Du einen Bartträger?: Nein
Mein Gebet: Fünfmal täglich
Mein Fasten: Ja, ich faste
Liest Du Koran?: Regelmäßig
Meine Pilgerfahrt: Nein
Achtest Du auf Zutaten in Deinen Lebensmitteln?: Nein
Bist Du konvertiert?: Nein


Meine Lieblingsreiseziele: Familienurlaub, Städtereise, Seereise, Verwandtenbesuch
Meine Lieblingsliteratur: Fachliteratur, Andere

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