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Why Muslimlife?


Muslim Life is a serious, innovative and based on Islamic values besinnende partner searches for Muslims.

You want a Muslim or a Muslim to marry?

The selection of a Muslim equal partner appears you difficult?

You want to complete your religion?

Then you're Muslim Life in the right place, the online partner search for Muslims! Muslim Life wants to help Muslim singles, a happy family.

In practice, the choice of partners for Muslims in Europe extremely difficult. The selection of potential candidates for a marriage is severely restricted. Especially in rural areas, where the number of Muslims is low. In particular, Muslims with immigrant backgrounds decide in such a case a spouse abroad, say in their home country to seek. However, evident in such marriages, cultural differences and understanding problems, although the spouse the same language.

Muslim Life is the brokerage reliable when it comes to the search for a Muslim partner. The following arguments for Muslim Life:

Tailor-made for Muslims

Muslim Life understands the aspirations and expectations of people with Muslim migration and cultural background. Life is a Muslim to the specific needs of Muslims concerted search partners, such as are questions about the profile of religion or you can upload photos private and only certain people to view release. Muslim Life is technically designed so that Islamic codes of conduct and customs are respected. There are all welcome, a genuine family planning. Any other use of Muslim Life, the family, not aim is not permitted. Please read our principles!

Authenticity is the basis

Muslim Life sets extremely high value on quality. Marriage is an important institution, the more important it is that with real people into contact. Therefore, regularly profiles meticulously reviewed for authenticity. Muslim Life is taking various measures to ensure the reliability of the community. For example, the member officially certified by submitting statements or documents in its original identity and residence and confirm the status of the member being inspected gain. Muslim Life guarantees with the audited member, indicated that the data the user sent with the official papers. Basically, the anonymity of the member maintained by personal information to third parties or published on the Internet. Compared with the communications partner, you are anonymous.

The latest web technologies in use

We offer you extensive search and communications capabilities with the latest technologies, your search for a spouse equal effectively. A separate installation of a program on the personal computer is not necessary. With all popular browsers is the use of Muslim life.

Good purpose

Muslim Life has set itself the objective of a contact point for Muslims to be a partner for the sole purpose of family formation. Life would like the one Muslim family formation, the other part of its social responsibilities and children without parents help by Muslim Life at the orphanage program of helping Muslims eV participates.
Extensive functions

Muslim Life offers comprehensive functions for locating and communicating. Among the strengths of Muslim Life include:

* Powerful and advanced search functionality of the profiles in the fields of religion, life, appearance and interests
* Internal messaging system for the safe and discreet communication
* Public or private photo album with release of individual photos for Muslim self-Life Members
* SALAM sending messages to any member
* Self-regulation of privacy by amending the current status
* Block unwanted members
* Extensive Statistics
* "Verified Member" for authentic profiles
* And much more

The sole objective

Muslim Life speaks of success if inschallah (God willing) two people in the way the federal government and a happy marriage gottgewollten found.

If you are single and find partners are, then convince yourself of Muslim Life. Subscribe now still free and who knows, maybe you find the partner yes, as long as you have sought.