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Tips for seeking a muslima or muslim for islamic marriage


The partner search is probably one of the toughest challenges ever. Muslim Life is precisely at this point and combines searching Muslims. The main feature for searches on the Internet is that the partners search virtually on the computer and not as in real life expires. Through the Internet caused geographical distance can inhibitions disappear, the self-control tempting to dwindle and sins. Muslim Life with this article wants its members helpful tips heart lay so unpleasant surprises spared. The following points should each member always keep in mind. As with our tips bypasses, each themselves. (The order is not the priority of declining tips that!)
Allah (swt) sees everything and knows everything best!

No matter what you do or do Allah (swt) sees everything and knows everything best. This is one of the fundamental contents of faith of Islam. That's why you behave in life - not only on Muslim life - according to the commandments of Allah (swt) and the Sunna of the Messenger Muhammad (saw). Only a thin line that separates the Internet Allowed (Halal) of Verwehrten (Haram). When members in and outside of Muslim Life meet, let them know that Allah (swt) by all acquainted. Muslim Life, the entertainment between members sporadic control, but not all follow. At best, each member self-control, if it knows that Allah (swt) and everything looks white.
Member-tested for better protection!

Reliable partner search uses authentic profile. Members have the opportunity to be tested-Member reward by official documents in the original Muslim Life. That you are sure that even one who is behind the profile, which is also spending than this, you can ask the acquaintance, to verify. Make also on the residence status of your acquaintance, not a few marriage similar to a stay in a preferred country to attain.
Turn a representative (Wâli)!

To secure a step towards making partners want to make, then you can send a representative (Wali) between turn, you in your matter. In the Islamic tradition is the representative an option in the marriage.
The prayer Istikhara

The messenger of Allah (saw), the Muslim prayer Istikhara to heart when they have an important decision must be about choosing the right alternative doubt. The Istikhara prayer consists of two units (Rakat), where Allah (swt) requested that he enters the right decision. In partner selection you have the possibility of this Sunna Muhammad (saw).
Pay attention to warning signs

Pay attention to warning signs of communication with your partners. Be vigilant against Wutausbrüchen, intense frustration or attempts you to put pressure on or control. Passive-aggressive behavior, demeaning or disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate behavior are all alarming signs. You should take that very seriously if the potential partner one of the following behavior without providing an adequate explanation as to be able to give:

* Provides inconsistent information about age, interests, appearance, marital status, occupation, employment, etc.
* Refuses to working with you on the phone to speak after your familiarity, online has grown significantly
* If direct questions
* Indicates striking deviations from the above online personality
* It avoids you, friends, colleagues or family members present

Never forget that, on the other side sits a man!

Most think at the moment where their contributions and write e-mails, not that the messages are not read by computers, but primarily of people. Think about them and always let you not be carried verbal outbursts. A simple rule of thumb: never write something that was not the addressee you also face other people would say.
First read, then think again then read, then think again and then submit!

The risk of misunderstandings in text communications are particularly high. Make sure the recipient of the message, even understands what you want to do and say.
Be careful with humor and sarcasm!

Make sure the sarcastic comments meant so indicates, that there are no misunderstandings provoked. In particular, you should be careful, if not perhaps sarcasm or a similar character of humour was used without it with the smiley symbol ":-)" marked.
Fasse you shortly!

Nobody likes to read articles, more than 50 lines long. Remember, if you published articles. Incidentally: We recommend that the length of their own lines at about 70 characters. Do not use language that is offensive or disrespectful.

Muslim Life aims to a safe and respectful environment for all members. Each member of the offensive or disrespectful a message from another member receives, the breach in confidence Muslim Life report.
Final word

Dear brother, dear sister, we want to remind you again that you have to harassment by other users at any time interrupt the contact, dialogue partners from the contact list and block messages from the person can block. You can always problems in contact with Muslim Life. Muslim Life will immediately assume that your concerns.

Please remember that it is your responsibility, member to report, which is not based on Islamic moral manner subdued. With your help Muslim Life would like our members the best possible service. Help us please, a vorzeige, successful and unique marriage Exchange.