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Our basic principles

Muslim Life is committed to five principles.

Principle No. 1: compliance by the Islamic code of conduct

Muslim Life lays great importance to the fact that Islamic values using the platform to be considered.

* This includes the moral conduct within the meaning of Islamic values ideas of both sexes together.
* The purpose of the membership of Muslim Life, the sincere family formation than planned. Any other use of the Muslim Life platform is prohibited and can lead to exclusion from the community!
* In principle, no profile before it is published by Muslim Life meticulously controlled. Wrong, vulgar or morally unacceptable messages, profiles, videos, sounds or images that do not meet the terms and conditions of Muslim Life and the Islamic values is being consistently rejected.

Principle No. 2: Security of members

The safety of our members is one of the highest priorities. Technically, any member may be blocked so that harassment can be prevented. In addition, it is always possible and desirable problems or violations Muslim Life Party. In each profile, there is a link, by the violations immediately Muslim Life can be reported. Muslim Life guarantees the tracking and ßberprüfung each display. Violations of the terms and conditions may disqualify the member from Muslim Life may result. Muslim Life is the complete communications history as a whole nachkonstruieren and detect violations. The cooperation of each member is required to allow the quality of daily Muslim life is improved.

Principle No. 3: Communication on the Internet only through Muslim Life

Muslim Life protects its members by the exchange of private e-mail addresses prevented. Muslim Life reserves the right to the exchange of private e-mail addresses between acquaintances that have been initiated Muslim life, and testosterone. Life is Muslim - a pleasant, modern communications environment, so that a shift to other means of communication outside of Muslim Life (such as MSN, Skype or similar programs) may be waived. Muslim Life in case of infringements can only act consistently and ensure protection of the member, if any communication about Muslim life is running. Once the private e-mail address exchanged, it may also Muslim Life future harassment of the private e-mail address is not.

The exchange of personal e-mail addresses so contrary to the terms and conditions and will automatically censored. The attempt of a disclosure by encoding e-mail addresses to bypass Muslim Life, is also punishable as an offence.

Principle No. 4: Privacy and confidentiality

Life members of the Muslim community to foreign anonymous with a user name. There are no information on the Internet or to any third party to provide leadership to allow the concrete person. Contact information is never passed on to other members! The member decides itself only when and what contact information it notifies other members. Therefore we ask each member very careful with personal data. In order to avoid error, we each of our members tips for our partner search heart.

Muslim Life knows the prejudices and social problems especially the Muslim in the active search for a suitable Muslim. Even the use of the Internet as a medium for the marriage is in some Muslim circles eyed sceptical. For this reason, is the highest priority of Muslim Life in the confidentiality of personal data.

Principle No. 5: Respect for privacy

Muslim Life provides its members with technical resources available to their private spheres to protect and contact attempts to stop them. With the inclusion of a member in the list of user-Blockierten is the communication to you  blocked, ie that the member no news to you can write. And if a surf undisturbed pleasure on Muslim life is desired, the online status-to-be busy. A contact request is automatically blocked by Muslim Life.